About Byron Capital

Unlike many large national advice firms, our business is wholly owned by Advisers within the practice and we have no financial interest or affiliation with any financial institution.

We have been in business for in excess of thirty years, and we have learned significant lessons from working with our clients.  The service we provide to our clients reflects those lessons.

Clients have told us that the most important objective for them is to be able to protect their wealth whilst getting on with their lives knowing that they will not be tied down making regular investment decisions and looking after paperwork.

We have also learned that, when making investment decisions, time is of the essence.  This is particularly so where share-market investments are involved.

We operate a Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) authority, which allows us to undertake limited discretionary investment transactions on behalf of our clients.   This allows us to meet our clients’ needs and to undertake timely transactions within previously agreed investment guidelines when windows of opportunity exist.

The use of our MDA authority is an essential element in helping us to achieve our clients' objectives as we can move quickly when the need arises.

To assist us with our portfolio construction and management we engage the services of leaders in the industry such as Evans & Partners.

Netwealth has been assessed as the most appropriate platform provider for our clients.

Warren Buffett’s letter to Berkshire Shareholders is of interest only and none of our research or investment recommendations come from that company.

About Byron Capital

Byron Capital

Byron Capital Private Investors specialise in providing tailored financial advice targeted specifically at meeting your individual needs