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We can act quickly to enhance and protect our client portfolios.

We are licensed to use discretion to take action on client’s portfolios to buy or sell investments.

Because the higher quality investments are always in demand, the opportunity to acquire these at preferred lower prices is most often very limited.  Where clients have provided us with the authority to act on their behalf without having to make contact with them first, we are able to acquire these investments when the markets allow the small “windows of opportunity”.

This discretion has also been significantly important in protecting our client portfolios when specific investments are performing poorly. The ability to act quickly using this discretion has been invaluable during market events such as the Global Financial Crisis.

Investment Discipline

We understand that every client enjoys achieving spectacular short term results. We do too. However our concentration and determination is to adhere to a disciplined, patient process, focusing on investment quality and consistency of income and capital growth over the medium to long term.

We have no control over the shorter term gyrations of the market; however we do have control over the investment decisions which dictate the quality of client portfolios which in turn dictates long term capital protection and enhancement together with portfolio income.

Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) Authority

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