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Ratio of Adviser to Client

It is not unusual in our industry for a single adviser to service many hundreds of clients. We believe this is totally unrealistic. We prefer to limit the number of clients each adviser looks after so that the service delivered is comprehensive and effective. 

We work with highly regarded specialists in the Industry

Investment Research

High quality investment research is key to making sound investment decisions for clients.

In addition to over 80 years of combined experience in investment markets, Byron Capital employ the services of Evans & Partners, an independent, boutique Australian broking house who advise to some of the country’s most successful individuals, families and institutions.

Byron Capital also maintain longstanding relationships with:

  • Macquarie Bank
  • Magellan Asset Management

The working relationship we have with Evans & Partners and others has been an evolution over many years and we believe has resulted in one of the hightest quality and most comprehensive service offerings in the country.

Asset Allocation

It is generally accepted that achieving the right Asset Allocation is an influential factor driving medium to long term portfolio investment performance.

Our firm works closely with Tim Farrelly (Farrelly’s Asset Allocation) who is a highly regarded specialist in this area.

We ensure that:

  • The portfolio asset allocation is in line with our clients’ preferred risk profile;
  • No individual investment forms a significant proportion of the total portfolio unless specifically requested by our client;
  • There is significant industry diversification within the portfolio with emphasis on those industries which are growing and with emphasis on those businesses within those industries which are of a higher quality than their peers; and
  • Where managed funds are used (international equity, etc) we ensure that there is diversification across the funds by management style and underlying investments.

Risk Profiling and Management

We employ disciplined portfolio risk management strategies to ensure that we protect and enhance our clients’ investment wealth. To help us achieve this outcome we use FinaMetrica ® Risk Profiling system which gives reliable in-depth insight into our clients’ financial attitudes, values, motivations, preferences and experiences.


We work extensively with Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF), as this type of fund allows our clients to have more control and choice over the investments they hold.

Where client circumstances do not warrant the establishment of a SMSF, we use a super wrap facility that allows flexibility to hold a diversified portfolio of investments with a mixture of directly held shares and managed funds.

We believe that either of these structures is suitable to implement any superannuation strategies that we may recommend.

We have access to specialist technical support and advice in relation to specific client superannuation matters.

Investment Administration

We prefer that our clients maintain their investments on an administration/wrap facility. This enables our clients easy access to their investment information including performance reports etc. These facilities also take away the responsibility to gather income tax information as comprehensive tax reporting is provided by the wrap facility.

We prefer long term relationships with our clients built on trust and effective outcomes

Most often, when working with our clients, we assist them to ensure that;

  • Their financial situation is properly organised to minimise tax;
  • They are effectively enhancing and protecting their wealth;
  • They are financially protected against the impact of illness, disablement or death;
  • Their estate planning affairs are in order.

Strategies put in place are reviewed regularly.

We negotiate on our clients’ behalf to keep their costs down

Where external service providers are involved, we use the combined purchasing power of our clients to negotiate lower service fees for our clients. This has saved our clients considerable costs.

We’ve learned to listen

We are aware that every client’s circumstances, needs, objectives and risk profile are different. In simple terms, the only way for us to clearly understand our client’s specific needs is to spend time with them in discussions. With new clients, we are prepared to put in significant time to do this before we make our specific recommendations. With existing clients, we have regular contact as well as a formal annual review.

Other Distinguishing Features

Byron Capital

Byron Capital Private Investors specialise in providing tailored financial advice targeted specifically at meeting your individual needs