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Acknowledging that we may suffer from an illness or injury is not an easy topic of conversation; however, ignoring this possibility can have detrimental consequences for you and those who are dependent on you.

Personal risk insurance is an integral factor in the plans for our clients as it offers financial security to assist and protect you and those closest to you during turbulent times. The core insurance policies available are summarised below:

  • Life Insurance provides a lump sum payment upon death or terminal illness which can assist in eliminating debt, funding education costs and providing income for your family;
  • Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) provides a lump sum payment if you suffer from an injury or illness so severe that you are unlikely ever to be able to work again;
  • Income Protection your greatest asset is your ability to generate income, and if you were unable to continue working, an Income Protection policy would provide 75% of your annual income so your lifestyle can be maintained as you concentrate on recovery;
  • Trauma Insurance offers a lump sum payment in the event you are diagnosed with a major illness (e.g. heart attack, stroke or cancer) or injury (e.g. major burns, paraplegia or quadriplegia) which TPD may not cover.

Our advisers can tailor policies to meet your precise insurance needs and ensure you and your loved ones are adequately covered.  The value of being financially protected in times of uncertainty cannot be overlooked, and can provide peace of mind allowing you to focus on the welfare of you and your family.

Personal Insurance
Personal Insurance

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